... and another fun thing - being out in the mountains for hiking, mountaineering, and climbing!

Yosemite - Half Dome (not yet hiked nor climbed) Yosemite
Tioga-pass At Tioga-pass in Yosemite
Climbing Mt. Gayley.
Mt. Gayley is located in John Muir Wilderness and can be reached over a winding street off Big Pine (California). You can stay there at a nice campsite or you can get the permit to stay overnight a little closer to the mountain. It's a long, long hike/climb from the campsite!
Mt. Gayley
Mt. Gayley A little higher up towards Mt. Gayley (13510ft / 4118m)
Can you see the route? (Mt. Gayley) Mt. Gayley
Mt. Gayley View from Mt. Gayley to the remainings of Pallisade-Glacier

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